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Create SkyDome From Scratch

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    Create SkyDome From Scratch

    I've tried to do this by creating an icososphere in Blender, removing the bottom half, inverting the normals, UV unwrapping, (smart projections), assigning a texture and painting a "sky" on the "inside" of the hollow hemisphere.

    I used a reliable .ase export script from Blender and imported the asset as a static mesh into the UDK. I, then, imported the painted sky texture and created a new material - mapping the RGB to the diffuse material channel.

    I tried applying this material to the hemisphere static mesh that I imported from Blender to the "LODinfo, Element (0)", as this seemed to be how the supplied skydomes were mapped.

    I added a DominantDirectionalLight to the level.

    I opened the properties of the added staticmesh actor and made sure it was not casting any shadows or receiving shadows.

    But, unfortunately, the texture mapped hemisphere does not appear in the viewer.

    Does anyone know of a sure fire way to create and import a skydome from Blender? The .ase export script does seem to work, so I must be just missing a few settings somewhere.


    Greg Smith

    Try linking the texture to emissive node and making the whole material emissive.


      Do you have a screenshot of what you are seeing in the editor?