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Setting up timed events need help

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    Setting up timed events need help

    Im trying to set up timed evets to happen in a few of my levels and Im nto quite sure how to do it (not sure if its a programming thing or something I need to do in UDK)

    I am trying to set something up to where every 2 minutes the acid that is being pumped into my stage rises up over parts of it. I am still pretty new to UDK and I am not quite sure how to go about doing this. Anyone have any knowledge on how to do this?

    Also I want to set up swinging pendualums on another stage, I have them built, just not sure how to get them to swing back and forth when I play. Please let me know if there is any information out there, or if there is more information that is needed to explain what I am asking.


    I'll just mention the second part... swinging pendualums.

    If you dont need them to interact too much with the level, I guess you could create a new Matinee. Rotate the Pendualum in the editor to one extreme and create a keyframe in Matinee and then create a second Keyframe halfway through the timeline and rotate the pendualum to the other extreme. The keyframe at the end of the timeline would be the starting position again. With the animation curve editor, you'd get a nice smooth swing.

    Or you could make the pendualum a KActor and create a RB_HingeJoint where you want it to pivot and link them together in the HingeJoint properties and let the physics engine do the swinging. It would then react to weapons etc. You may need to add an initial force somehow to get it swinging and remove any drag so it keeps swinging.

    I'm new to UDK so i'm mainly thinking out loud with the above, but that is how i would go about handling it.



      So if I use KActor I can make the swinging pendulums cause damage and move players (one stage has pendulums and the other has spiked balls swinging back and forth)?


        You could create the acid rising animation in Kismet. Firstly create a Matinee sequence of your acid rising, then in Kismet just create a "Level loaded and visible" event node attach that to a delay node and set the delay to 2 minutes. Then have that attached to your matinee which then loops back into the delay again.