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How do I delete a shape?

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    How do I delete a shape?


    I think this is a pretty simple question, and it's probably been asked before, but neither my friend or I can figure out how to delete an object, like a box, or cylinder or whatever. We can create them, and move them around and stuff, but we can't figure out how to delete them.

    It's making developing stuff really hard, so if someone could help me out, that'd be cool.


    You delete items placed in the map by hitting the 'delete' key. Not the "backspace" key (which is marked "delete" on mac and other keyboards sometimes). It should be the one under the Insert/Help key.

    Otherwise, you can cut (Ctrl + X) the item. The menu under Edit also has Cut and Delete commands.

    Note: You cannot delete the red builder brush. Many people new to the editor try to do this.

    Edit: As someone posted earlier -- rebuild your geometry if you've already deleted a BSP element and it's persisting in the perspective view. Also, the above sounds really condescending to me now. I apologize if it comes out that way. I left it that way for posterity though.


      I have the same problem and understand what your talking about Blacksmith.
      You can delete the brush but the objects are still visible in the 3d window. One way to get rid of it is to select the brush and then select the subtractive geometry instead of the add. Although it gets rid of the geometry in the 3d view it will add a subtractive object in all the others but you can just select and delete the subtractive object.

      As far as just deleting an object as one would normally expect, still puzzles me as well. Actually it is just the bsp geometry that does'nt delete for me and once it is added i can't even move or rotate the added object, i can move and rotate the brush, just not the visible object.


        after you actually delete the object in the editor, you must rebuild the geometry in your map for the bsp to go away if thats what you mean by objects stickin around until you rebuild the object, it will show up in the 3D window like it was really there when its not.


          Thank you Bah Mee.