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Level design in maya or in UDK?

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    Level design in maya or in UDK?

    hi, i have some newbie question.
    i surf this forum and this section for my answer, but i didn't find my answers here.
    what is traditional for level design in unreal? design the whole level in for example maya then export it to unreal?

    is this any different performance between create wall and floor in unreal with BSP or create static mesh for wall and floor in maya?

    my another problem is, when i try to import my static objects from maya to unreal, i lost my world transform for my mesh in unreal, and i should move it and put it in the right place, and this is really a hard task to do!!

    what is your offer for me to design a level in UDK?

    Just open any level in UDK and you`ll see that almost all objects in this level is static meshes.


      yes these are static mesh, my most problem is with world transform!
      it's really hard to design a whole level in maya, and after import every object into unreal, my objects lost their position.


        Build your level as a collection of 'building block' meshes, use BSP sparingly and for non-detail objects only (for example BSP is handy for the basic floor and walls of a room, but not the furniture, doorframes, etc).

        Trying to build a level from scratch in a 3d app can be more work than it's worth at times and in general you'll find that it's a hell of a lot easier to flesh out your level in Ued with simple BSP and building/platform meshes before detailing up with mesh created seperately.

        As you mention, trying to work with one large Max/Maya scene means that the world co-ordinates are not centered on an easy to work with origin. Avoid working this way unless you have a really good reason to (for example using externally rendered lighting solutions) in my opinion. It's so inneficient to work that way that it hurts