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Click & Drag movement in UDK is REVERSED from UT3 editor; any way to change it back?

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  • Click & Drag movement in UDK is REVERSED from UT3 editor; any way to change it back?

    I figure this would be the best place to ask since it involves the editor. For editor windows such as Kismet, Materials, SoundCue, etc. the movement that occurs while moving when the mouse button is clicked and held is now reversed from what it was in the UT3 editor. Instead of moving towards the direction of movement, it "grabs" the screen and drags it in that direction - which is effectively opposite of what it used to be!

    I had become comfortable with how it was in UT3 and can already tell that this will take a huge toll in productivity trying to adapt to this. Is there any way to change the movement style back to the way it was in UT3? I'm sure I can't be the only one having issues with this!

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    They made the switch because they felt it was more intuitive, which it may be. But it does take some getting used to for those of us who have been working in UnrealEd for years on a daily basis. I still get myself confused every once in a while when I try to navigate quickly. My reflexes kick in and I move the viewport the wrong way. I haven't found it to be any great hindrance or waste of time though.


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      So its a permanent switch, there's no option to change it back? Not even the editor classes?

      It may be more intuitive to people who have never used an Unreal editor before, but if someone is adapted to using it the way it was before... Its a real pain. I move a LOT of stuff around REALLY fast, and where it gets me worst is the transition from moving an object in the editor, it drags in the direction I want, directionally. Then when I unclick the object, the movement is no longer the same, its all backwards and becomes ridiculously counterintuitive.

      There should at least be an option to switch it back and forth between the two styles so it doesn't mess up the people who have been using Unreal Editor all this time.

      I'm surprised there aren't more complaints about this... but I guess UDK hasn't been out long enough. The old behavior should be added as an option before it annoys or discourages others who want to migrate from UT3 to UDK.


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        Search is an awesome feature btw

        View > preferences > drag moves canvas


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          Thanks for the answer! Much appreciated, works like a charm. FYI I spent 2+ hours searching here and on Google for UDK+ click drag UT3 differences mouse reverse; and other related keywords to no avail. Also had they put "Preferences" under Edit, Tools or Help I might have found it.. but there it is, under "View".

          If this sort of information is known, where would be the best place to find it?


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            Thats weird lol, I never actually noticed it, is it reversed by default because I dont think mine was?


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              In UT3, when you drag, the arrow disappears and your -view area- moves in the direction the mouse is moved in. In UDK by default, when you drag, the arrow turns into a HAND and the -canvas- moves in the direction the mouse is moved in. Maybe earlier builds were different?

              The option is there at least. I wonder which will be the preferred style over time.


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                The old system has been used for what feels like a decade, I bet there's a huge base out there that will use it because it will feel like learning to ride the bicycle a second time. :P