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Problems with lighting static meshes

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    Problems with lighting static meshes

    So my level is lit exclusively with point lights. The static meshes in the editor show up black in lit mode. I can fix this temporarily by clicking "static" in their properties under lighting channels but if I rebuild the lights the setting gets turned off and they are black again.

    So I tried lighting the level with a skylight and the meshes showed up fine in the editor and when I "play from here" but when I built the level and played it in the game all the meshes were invisible.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

    EDIT: Sorry I thought you were referring to a viewport glitch.

    Under Static Mesh Properties;

    [Static Mesh Component]
    Accepts Dynamic Lights? [x]
    Accepts Lights? [x]
    Use Pre Computed Shadows? [x]

    Those are ticked right?