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BSP intersects and snap to grid

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    BSP intersects and snap to grid

    I'm always using scale to grid and bsp scale multiple of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16...)
    The site says to always deintersect and add, but when doing it my brushes somethings create a very thin piece on one side.

    That couldn't happen if my BSP size is equal to the grid, so why this is happening? Also, should I just ignore the deintersect and just add or keep creating more vertex or flat pieces?

    Never, ever use the Deintersect or Intersect buttons. They cause too many problems.


      When you are new to BSP modeling in unreal engine do not go below grid size 32. On rare occasions 16 is safe. You can go lower when you get comfortable with BSP and know what is dangerous. Sometimes you can get strange collision errors when you are not careful and without some practice it will be nightmare to find what causes it.

      I use intersect/deintersect only when i want create brush and export it to another application to have idea of my level shape and size.


        Thanks for the help, about the grid Nawrot, I'm using 16 and up.

        Another thing I would like to ask:
        Is there anyway to change the builder brush or already placed BSP in realtime? Instead of right-click and putting absolute values?
        When using the non-uniform scale I'm unable to make the BSP fit the grid again, and using geometry gives me the same problem if I try to move the vertex, only works with faces.

        Aso, what should be done using BSP? Currently I'm doing a prototype of my map, so I'm doing all the buildings, floors, walls with BSP, but there is some kinds of things like pipes, little outdoors buildings and wood supports that are more "delicated", should I use static mesh for all of them? Can static mesh be destructible ingame?

        Thanks in advance!


          You should never use BSP for pipes. Use SM's.

          For supports you could get away with BSP if they're simple. Make them semi-solid in the right-click menu.

          Also, there's no reason to not use SM's for everything because they can be lightmapped now and look just as well-lit as BSP.