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How to apply Multi Sub Object Materials?

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    How to apply Multi Sub Object Materials?

    I have a mesh, a building, in max i have 4 materials, each one with an id from 1 to 4, when i import the ase file into UDK i can apply one material, i don't know how to apply one material per ID.

    How can i do that?


    In max, you must have only one multi/sub-object material applied to your mesh.
    Inside that material, you can add the real materials. Apply an edit poly modifier, select some polys and find the "set ID" property, here you can set which material you want to use for the selected polys.
    After you have set up all your IDs, apply a select poly modifier and select faces from material id, then apply a UV-map modifier so you can align the material as you want to.

    Also: not really anything to do with applying materials, but for sake of workflow; for lightmaps; when you have done all materials the above method, go ahead and select all faces and apply a UVW-Unwrap modifier and set that ID to 2 (this is not the material ID but UV ID), and edit the UVs so you get nice non overlapping UVs. Because you set this ID to 2, these UVs will be used as lightmap in the engine


      Thanks for the answer Crozz, but i know how to apply multisubobject materials in max, also i know about mapping, my question is concerning the workflow to apply multisubobject materials inside UDK, but i think i found how can i do that.



        I think there is an option in Max to 'bake' your multi-sub materials onto one texture map. Check this out:


          Double-click the Static Mesh in the Content Browser. Go to LODInfo > [0] > Elements > Your 4 materials should be listed here.

          Now just click the material in the CB then click the green arrows in the SM window to apply them.