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Error: "Lighting needs to be rebuilt" Upon Rebuilding Lighting...

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    Error: "Lighting needs to be rebuilt" Upon Rebuilding Lighting...


    Whipped up a basic test map. Just a box with a basic stone texture/material and one light actor with it's brightness + radius adjusted to fill the whole room.

    Created a lightmass volume directly on top of my brush, and adjusted the Killz settings also.

    Tried to build my map to play test.

    Error: Lighting needs to be rebuilt.

    I rebuild the lighting but still get the same error.


    When you build lighting, make sure you have Build BSP, and Build Lightmass checked. Also, make sure that Build Only Selected isn't checked. Also, make sure your geometry is built before you build the lighting, or just Build All (though lighting build settings aren't available in Build All).

    I hope that helps.


      I have this problem


        I have encountered the same problem but I manage to fix it at the end of the day.

        Firstly you have to make sure that the light you selected is functioned

        To do this simply right click the light you desire and enter the properties option.

        Go to the light > Lighting component > lighting component> Function

        Next to the "function" tab you will see a blue button, click it and select light function, that is it!!!

        If you have problem with the shadow and light appearance (especially when it disappear when you approach them) you have to build the lighting to fix it.

        Usually I build the lighting after I finished my terrain, because after I tested it several times, it appears that you will have to build the lighting again if you add an object. So make sure you finished everything first then build the lighting.

        To build the lighting open the build panel which is located at the very top of the program, then select Build all (Might as well build the path as well even though it's not necessary).

        Hope it helps


          ok thx CodeHei...

          but, now i have this problem

          my character don't iluminate