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Problem With Spawning And Units

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    Problem With Spawning And Units

    Hi there,

    I'm having some problem with spawning. The game won't allow me to spawn due to complaining that there isn't enough space for it to spawn. When there clearly is.

    I read a character is 96 units tall, i've built a room using custom textures which is 128 units tall. Yet any attempt to position any spawn points in the room moans that it can't spawn. If i simply get rid of my ceiling in the room it works fine.

    My problem is, there's 32 units distance between the player and the ceiling. When i take the ceiling off the view is easily within the boundaries of the ceiling area.

    I've come to the assumption that this might be due to the way UT spawns people quite a few units above where the actual spawn point is placed. The game i'm making won't have huge open environments like an arena type game so i need to be able to spawn in a life sized room.

    If i scaled my room up it would look out of proportion and i'm aiming for a realistic approach. Is there anyway to change this "spawn y amount of units above a spawn point"?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Usually the spawn point actor changes depending on if it has enough room to spawn, so if you look at it and it is just the little joystick your good, if its a box that says something like "bad size" or something along those lines then it doesn't have room to spawn.


      128 z units isn't much in the unreal world. Even though the player model height is 96, the point of view feels a little taller (I'm not sure how much taller). So, my suggesting is to increase the ceiling height to at least 192 units.

      However, if you are set against this, you could make the ceiling a mesh, toggle collision on the mesh, and have the bsp ceiling at 256 units, or something more comfortable. This should solve the problem, but it's still messy. The cleanest way to do this for your project would be to adjust the code.

      I hope that helps.