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Dull "Game View"

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  • Dull "Game View"

    Is there a way to get rid of this in-game because it dulls my whites to gray.

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    You are very vague; what do you mean?


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      There's a button called "Game View" above the viewports. It gives you an in-game preview and it just dulls all your bright colours.


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        does it have to do with post processing? for some reason I can't preview PP in the viewport. is that the same problem you have?


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          Game View allows you preview your map as it if was in game. If you select Game View (or press G on your keyboard) it will turn on the post processing and depending how you setup your PP it could appear dull.
          Is this your map or one of the pre-existing ones?


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            I certainly noticed that if you've got an Uber Post Process in your Post Process Chain, it makes things dull. I removed it from my chain and I got vibrant white back. But then you're missing bloom etc.

            I played around with settings for ages trying to get back to white instead of gray, to no avail. It's no issue to me personally, as I don't need bloom and wasn't using anything else, but that's just what I noticed.


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              It's just a few custom models I'm messing with to see what the engine can do. The PP does make everything duller.

              I have no code skills unfortunately, so it would be nice if the default PP was a bit nicer.

              Editor left, in-game and Game View right.


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                Is your skybox/dome accepting lights and or casting a shadow? Make sure it is not accepting lights.