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2 Qs: Create new env. water plane? Alter AO settings?

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    2 Qs: Create new env. water plane? Alter AO settings?

    One of the first things I wanted to try was the new "dynamic fluid surfaces" in the form of a LARGE water plane. It's supposed to be scalable now.

    How do I do this? I don't see any actors ...

    Also, how do you alter the AO settings? What are the ways you can tweak it?
    (The shadowing shows up sometimes in corners directly facing a directional light. and I'd like it deeper in other places.)

    Edit: Okay, found a few mats by typing "liquid" in the content browser (which is nice) ... but I get no splashing, etc. Anyone know what are the nodes that make this new tech so special? By the way — these Liquid_Master materials don't seem to play well with heightfog.

    There are special actors added that you need to apply the fluid materials to. They have a new category of actors called "FluidSurfaceActor" all you have to do is add the actor to the desired location.

    You can drag and drop the fluid materials you found onto the default checker.

    Hope that helps!

    As for the AO options, I think you'll find a few controls on it in the World Properties under Lightmass. There are a few controls there as well as intensity options.