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Which iOS devices does UE3 support?

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    Which iOS devices does UE3 support?

    So ive found some of the supported devices for UE3 on the Getting Strated iOS dev page.

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4s
    iPhone 3GS
    iPod touch 4th generation
    iPod touch 3rd generation (except for 8 GB 3rd generation devices.)
    But what about the the ios devices after that? ie iPad (3rd/4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini etc?

    And what is the best way to test my game compatibility apart from getting every single ios device?

    My current plan of attack was to get several lower end device and then assume any device with better specs would run my game.

    Thanks in advance.



    Just did some hunting on itunes/wiki. So there are several games running UE3 that pretty much can run on every iOS device since the og iPad, including mini, air, 6th generation iPhone etc.

    Still not sure how im going to test everything though. :/ There are various processor speeds/memory across all the devices.
    Im most worried about screen resolution differences.

    So any tips regarding how to manage all the devices would be much appreciated.