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Where to place Pre Filled .bin Save Files

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    Where to place Pre Filled .bin Save Files

    Im making a game which requires frequent changes of xml data ( a lot) . In the final version I don't want to be reading this raw string data every time the player wants to play.

    A solution would be to save a .bin file of the xml converted data for mobile, already filled up appropriately.

    Problem is ive tried sticking the several .bin file in variouis cooked iphone folders all around. Ive been able to package the .bin file into the iphone build (because I can see it packaging it in) but calling the LoadBasicObject results in a fail read.

    It is possible to load a prefilled .bin file for iphone?

    Have you found any solution for this? I am currently stuck at this part also. Got a lot preset info (such as item stat, dialog, etc) which I prefer not to use archetype to store them, but a external file to store locally. I tried json, sqlite but they seem not working for ios also. The worst solution I could think of is loading json from internet by TCP but it's not really ideal.



      Sadly I was not able to find a place to place a bin file.

      My solution was simply to have the XML file stored as a large String just set in a default properties block.

      When the player plays for the first time, that XML would be converted to its proper Object Form, then right after saved into a .bin file.

      From then on, at least there is no need to reload the string.