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Submitting the IPA to the App Store

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    Submitting the IPA to the App Store

    I'm ready to pull the trigger, the metadata is up on iTunes Connect, all that's left is to submit the IPA.

    I will look through Epic's iOS documentation, but so far it has seemed very out of date especially as to things like Flurry Analytics and pretty sparse on micro transactions.

    It looks like Apple now takes one big 1024x1024 image and automatically makes the different sized icons --does this mean that I should not include the icons in the ../iPhone/Resources/Graphics/ folder?

    Any other info would be appreciated, as I am trying to beat the February 1st 64-bit requirement, so getting something wrong and getting the app rejected on a technicality would be very very bad.


    PS -- I did get the distribution provision/certificate and it does show up with a "Distro_" prefix with no allowed devices, so that part looks good.

    I got the App Store to accept the binary in three attempts (two builds total)...

    The following posts were very helpful:! I am just hoping that nothing in Apple's review causes me to miss the February 1st 64-bit cut-off.