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How to handle the different aspect ratios.

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    I'd go down the "textures to cover up bits outside" route as you've already identified (basically what they do in film).
    Anything else compromises art quality (scaling/zooming to fit), input control travel distances, perceived speed of movement, pattern layouts, stuff off-screen, etc.
    The worst range to handle is moving from the newer devices with their 4:3 ratio (1.333) to the iPhone 5 with it's uniquely 16:9 ratio (1.777).
    I'd base it all off 4:3 which covers all iPads and then just border the iPhone versions to 1.777 (older phones are only 1.5 so they'd be covered ok)

    Anyway, that's my 2c - seems to be what you're thinking anyway.


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  • started a topic How to handle the different aspect ratios.

    How to handle the different aspect ratios.

    Hi, so we are a couple of guys developing a SHMUP for iOS.
    And there's something we're not quite sure of we hope you could help us out with.

    In a Shoot em up, the playing field is very specific, and all the movements and enemy patterns are based on the shape of this playing field.
    However different iOS devices have different aspect ratios and I feel like the player not being able to move to the edge of the screen would feel restrictive and weird.

    We also thought redesign the controls and enemy/obstacle patterns for every single aspect ratio would be rather excessive.

    I was thinking we could black bars/textures to cover up bits outside the normal playing field, but I suspect that might feel cheap, any ideas?