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Analytics in UDK iOS?

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    Analytics in UDK iOS?

    Is this possible in UDK? to get information on time spent on app per day, average daily users etc, as well as other useful analytics on what users do inside your app?

    Is flurry the only way to go about doing this?


    Welp, it seems flurry is the best route to take, for anyone else looking into the same thing this thread here is pretty helpful:


    Do you have Flurry integration working? - as far as I know it doesn't work & hasn't for months.



      Hi William,

      I'm afraid not, but i have only just barely started looking into it.
      I'll be sure to post anything i find that's useful!


        Any luck getting any kind of analytics at all working?

        I see that there is a Uscript class called "MultiProviderAnalytics" which extends "AnalyticEventsBase", but "MultiProviderAnalytics" is nowhere else in the codebase and the code itself is not documented well enough to let me get very far.

        Also in the "CheatManager" class there is a function called "SendAnalyticsEvent" which looks promising, but I see no documentation on which Analytics service(s) (i.e., Flurry) that the event would be sent to.

        My gut feel was that the Specific analytic provider Flurry was superseded by a multiple provider approach, but there is no documentation on this that I can see.

        Doing some research I see that UE4 has support iOS for Apsalar’s cloud service ( But see no info on UDK.

        I believe Epic has a dedicated analytics guy, Darren Clary (?), that probably knows all this stuff, but I don't have contact info for him.