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Materials breaking randomly on device

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    Materials breaking randomly on device

    I've recently made the switch over to the new May UDK build because, well I had to obviously. After moving all of my stuff over, I've noticed a problem that I've never encountered with any previous version. The materials on some of the components I have attached to characters will revert to the default material, seemingly at random. I say random because a mesh/material that is fine in one level shows the default material in another. Some more info/things I've tried/what I've narrowed down:

    The materials are set up in the mobile section of the material editor.

    It only seems to be happening with StaticMeshComponents, which I have attached to pawns with sockets.

    In one particular level where this was occurring, the exact same mesh and material were set up as a static mesh in the level, and they displayed fine.

    Because the materials would be broken in some levels but not others, I figured it might be level-specific, and have since re-built lighting dozens of times while playing with settings, to no avail. I'm using regular DirectionalLights for lighting in all levels.

    I re-imported the meshes that were being affected, naming them differently. This seemed to fix everything for a while, but the problem has returned. (After building lighting maybe?)

    I should also mentions that this only occurs on device. At this point I don't even know what to try. Has anyone else had a similar problem or could possibly suggest a fix?

    OK I think I've fixed it by just manually assigning the materials to the components after they've been created and attached. I'm guessing there was just a problem assigning whatever material I had applied to the mesh in the editor for some reason.