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Difinative Distribution Instructions?

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    Difinative Distribution Instructions?


    after 2 days of trying to upload an app with attempts easily in double figures i give up!
    even though i have already done it for 2 other apps i cant seem to find the right sequence and combination with certificates ect this time.
    i intended writing it down the last 2 times it was successful but even those took many attempts and by the end remembering what i had done was hazy.

    does anyone have definite step by step instructions of what to do on pc and mac?

    it doesnt work by following udn or other fuzzy posts on the subject.
    thanks, anyone who can help can have all my apps for free or something if they want

    +1 for this.
    I have not tried to submit anything yet to the appstore.
    If any one who has would put the steps they took, problems they encountered etc... it would be great as the problems apparently vary from different udk builds.

    Edit: if its just deploying from front-end, i think you dont need a mac at all. You can do everything with the frontend tools, In application settings you can go to the "new user" tab and from there generate the key-pair you need when creating new certificates in apples developer web.


      you do need a mac to upload to itunes and to mess with certificates unfortunately.
      on the 24th attempt it finally worked so here is another (fuzzy 2 solid days of trying) set of instructions.

      on the apple developer site:
      create production cert (only 1 needed for all apps)
      create app id for the app you want to upload
      create distribution profile for the app

      on itunes connect:
      create your app and fill in the details and screenshots ect, when thats done click ready to upload

      double click on production cert on mac, it opens keychain, right click the key it creates and Request certificate from certificate authority. fill in your details.
      right click on the key and export (produces a .p12 file)
      send the .p12 to pc and use in frontend, it will ask for the password

      double click distribution profile on the mac (not sure this is necessary)
      send it to pc to use in frontend

      make sure to configure the game, iphone - shipping 32 - release script
      full clean and recook, package

      send the .ipa file it generates to the mac
      open application uploader and select your app from the dropdown, then select the .ipa and press send

      if all goes well it will do some authentication stuff then start uploading it.
      when its up it will give you any errors, file too big error is ok, icon missing is ok and can be fixed (search for that one)
      any other errors will need a ton of almost random messing

      not exactly definitive but its difficult to remember every step exactly after so many tries, 24 at around half hour a try adds up to a lot of hours


        Thats great, thanks for the info !


          In Unreal iOS Configuration: Signing tool, Matching Cert just shows 'None(missing)' no matter what i try to import.

          I suspect it might be something with this I don't understand:
          double click on production cert on mac, it opens keychain, right click the key it creates and Request certificate from certificate authority. fill in your details.
          About the "Fill in your details", there is a tons of things to chose there which I have no idea of what to chose. What really is a CA? Why do I have to send someone a mail to request it (I don't really understand what that "it" actually is, or what to use it for)? Also, since i'm not used to mac, I have no idea about what all that stuff about storing things on the keychain really is about. What's all the mumbo-jumbo about public and private keys? It's just a mess! I always heard that Mac should be easier to use than a pc...

          Are someone able to explain those thing you have to do on the mac in a bit more detail? I am actually supposed to use the certificate I generate from Apple, or the the the second certificate I generate on Mac by using the first certificate? What details do I have to fill in? I'm really really confused!

          The biggest problem is that I don't have a mac myself. I have to travel 30 minutes to someone I know and borrow the mac there so it is very annoying travelling back and forth each time I have trouble...


            sorry its been a while since i did that, and it was always a 20th attempt finally works kinda thing.

            when it opens keychain, right click whatever it is that opens, should be something on the main window, a line of text or something, sorry i said it has been a while.
            you dont need to send an email, one of the options asks for something like a name and password and generates a key that appears under the thing you right clicked to start with. once done right click the key and export.
            its really a case of trial and error until it works since there is no official guide.

            for the 5 or 6 games i published not once did it all go smoothly so thats the best guide i could come up with at the time.
            im not used to a mac or its software either, i dont really know what any of it does.
            (if you have an old/spare pc there are ways to turn it into a mac, shhhhhhh)

            good luck


              I've got it to work