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Release_32, Shipping_32, Test_32 etc. Any documentation about it?

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    Release_32, Shipping_32, Test_32 etc. Any documentation about it?

    Is there any documentation or info about what the vaious configuration settings in Frontend actually does? I can't find any. The only thing I know is that is that you are supposed to release with spesific settings and test with other settings. I know that you get log files if you use Release_32, but not Shipping_32.

    Are anyone able to describe what the following settings actually affect:

    Game Config:


    Script Config:


    I cook various combinations of these almost every day at work and I honestly still don't know exactly what happens... Also ours are heavily modified from default but:

    Shipping_32, use for shipping (duh) or to test general features work as close to shipping as possible, but there are no stats. May strip out extra stuff from content, not sure.
    Test_32, for us, this is basically shipping but with some stats available, so it's good for testing performance.
    Release_32, for general everyday testing with stats & logging etc, but slower than the other two.

    Debugscript, if you want to use the debugger, break points etc. release script for every day testing, finalrelease for shipping with or for final testing, but no logging and skips compiling a bunch of script.

    On iOS at home I usually test in shipping/finalrelease unless I have something specific I want to test or I'm looking at performance. Some ppl like to take the opposite approach.


      I see. But I don't see why they name it release when it's for testing.