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Looping sound not seamless on iDevice

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    Looping sound not seamless on iDevice


    I'm having some problems with looping sounds on iOS. It's a top-down racing game and the player has a basic looping engine sound that plays via an audiocomponent. The sound is 0.46s in length and loops via an audio cue with a default looping node.

    It all works fine in the mobile previewer and editor, but on the device (tried ipad 3 and iphone 4s) it cuts between loops.

    I've searched around tried stuff:
    • Made *all* sounds, including that one, are 22050Hz, Mono, 16bit WAV
    • Made sure the package is loaded at startup
    • Tried in release and shipping
    • Tried various sound classes

    Suspected it might have been frame spikes, even though the game runs at a constant 60FPS on the device, so I tried playing with smoothed framerate on/off, with different max framerates... no difference.

    It definitely seems related to the sound loop itself - the hitching occurs in time with the loop (if I put pitch down to 0.1, the hitch occurs less frequently, if I put it up to 2.0, it occurs rapidly).

    Anyone else got any ideas? I'm fairly inexperienced with audio, so there might be some other precautions I could take when exporting the sound?

    Which UDK version are you using?.. The sound on IOS has had many issues in past UDK versions, is it clicking/popping every time it loops round? If so it might be the version your using, I think they fixed it in the latest one, but it still could be broken.


      Hmm yea I'm on the November 12 one, I do remember waiting several months for them to fix a sound issue before I merged to that one, but I think that was an issue with sound not playing at all.

      I was planning on merging to July at some stage... if I don't find any other solution I will try that, thanks.



        I'm using the July 2013 UDK and a lot of looping sounds - I've not noticed any problems with them.
        I use 22050Hz, Mono, 16 bit for all my samples as well
        You didn't mention it above - but have you ticked the "looping sound" box under "compression" in the sound cue for your sample?
        This is required to "fix up" the sample to work correctly.



          The "looping" box is ticked by default for me.

          I have a sneaky suspicion that right after I upgrade to July, they're gonna release a new one But oh well, it shouldn't be very painful anyway.


            Confirmed going to July fixed the sound.