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Help! I'm starting icloud implementation.

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    Help! I'm starting icloud implementation.

    Today i start the icloud implementation and i need to organize what i'm going to do.
    I'm reading the UDN doc and some other discussions here in the forum.

    At this point in my game i'm using an old save system i've set up to have basic load/save functionalities. I used the Basic Load and Save functions to save .bin files in the device. The first problem with it was that you can't save objects but just basic variables like int, bool, strings and so on.
    Now reading the UDN doc, if i've understood well, it seems that in cloud i can also save objects. This is my first question:

    1) Is it true? Can i save objects inside cloud? If i have my class RDRSaveGame can i save an object of this class?

    Another thing i need to understand is how to handle the save games.
    In my game you can create a team and play a 'Campaign' with it. Obviously you can begin more Campaigns so you can have more than one team and i would like to create a file inside cloud for each team you've created.
    Is this a good way? Create one file per team and, then, in the main menu retrieve this files information and show them to the user that can choose what team to use? Or is it better to save (if it is possible) just an instance of my RDRSaveGame inside the KVStore for each team?
    So the second question is:

    2) How can i handle multiple save games? Do i have to create one file per team or just one Key Value pair (storing a SaveGame instance) per team?