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Some problems of a newbie

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    Some problems of a newbie

    Hello UDK community, I will not borther you with things I could googel and solve, but I have some certain problems where I didn't found the answers I need.

    First of all, if I save my project, the Message "Package Test.udk was successfully saved and is 357 MByte in size. This exeeds the recommended package size. Please split it up to be less than 300 MByte." Eventhrough some people said it doesn't matter untill it isn't bigger than 2gig, it bothers me because my short time experience showed me, if UDK is complaining about something I've should be concerned.

    The next thing would be, all tutorials I've watching have premade sprites/particles etc. I was warking now with multiple versions and I can't find them/don't have them. Did I install my UDK wrong?

    The last question could be more or less related to the second one. I try to build up a turret constelation. Therefor I tryed to use this tutorrial:"". The guy there uses "Spawn projectile" I think this buildup has the functions I need so if there are any possibilitys or alternatives to use it in UDK 2/2013 it would help me.

    Thank you for your answers and your patience

    In terms of the package size, you should be fine, from what I have gathered is that UDK will give you warnings on certain things which may or may not need adjusting. It is warning you simply 'incase' you overlooked something (other users, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but that has been what i've been able to gather from the warning messages)

    As for preloaded particles and sprites, make sure you installed the full UDK and not the empty install. Empty install will get rid of close to all of the placeholders UDK has. Another thing is make sure in the content browser you have not ticked any of the search boxes (Make sure the check box "All" is selected). When I first started using UDK I accidentally left certain search filters checked which hid most items. Also make sure you do not have anything typed in the search text field.

    As for third question, I'm not quite sure what it is you are asking I'm afraid.


      As I thought I just installed the engine false, The "Spawn Projectile" funktion is in the full UDK package. Thank you this helped me alot.