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    Mobile Environment Texture

    Been trying to find a solution all day but no luck so far.
    What I am attempting to do is create fake reflections on the floor of my map on a mobile device.

    In the past I have used the SceneCaptureCubeMapActor to create a cube map and apply it to a material via the material editor links. Now obviously that wont work in the case of mobile, so I tried linking the newly created Cube Map into the Mobile Environment Texture, but with no change to the material.
    After looking into the Environment Map further I realise that it is slightly different and requires a Spherical Map, and was hoping that either:

    A) UDK has a way to create a spherical map similar to how it creates a cube map, or,
    B) Does anyone know of a way to convert a cube map into a spherical map to then plug into the Mobile Environment Texture?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Hm, well UDK has no way to automatically do it, and its easy enough to convert a 360 panorama to a spherical map outside of UDK. Not sure about converting a cubemap automatically to spherical map though - maybe this tool from ATI? I haven't tried it, but a google search seems to think it'll do this:



      Thanks for the link, I have actually been playing around with that ATI tool, but with no luck unfortunately.
      Also found some Nvidia tools for generating maps but again no luck.

      I will keep trying with the ATI tool and will upload what I find for others who might have the same problem in the future.


        My solution that I use.
        In MAYA create sphere,assign material as cubic projection,Transform as you need,Select sphere and material - then convert to solid texture.


          Good suggestion!

          I might use that method if all else fail. It just means the artist will need to replicate clutter in the 3d program in order to get the correct texture.






              Looks like exactly what I am after, I will give them both a trial tomorrow to see if they give me the desired results.


              After some new searches with the above terms in mind, I came across a free to use program caleld Glom (yet to test is myself), incase you are interested