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Resume IOS mp3 soundtrack on IOS App resume.

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    Resume IOS mp3 soundtrack on IOS App resume.

    I've been using the kismet play soundtrack node to kick off a looping mp3 for a mobile game as described @"".

    That all works well enough until you hit the home key on your IOS device. The sound track fades out which is fine, but then when you return to the game, the music is not playing. for this game I can get away with just restarting the track but I can not find any means by which to detect that my game has been suspended and resumed.

    Is there any mechanism in UDK to detect when an ios device has suspended and/or resumed your app?

    I've got the same problem.

    When I double-press the Home key, the whole game is suspended, but the wiered thing is, the music is still going....

    What I want is to pause both of them at the same time. Any solution ?

    Thanks !


      I am having the exact same issue. With the latest Feb 2015 build, as far as I can tell, leaving the app (like pressing the home button) will automatically stop the music mp3 in the background. When returning the music will not resume properly.

      The music can be resumed if you press the "sleep/wake" button, then pressing it again to go back to your app. But that is hardly a solution.

      I've even tried setting a timer that will call "mobile resumeSong" every few seconds. This does not seem to work. It's as if UDK or ios assumes the mp3 is still playing.

      However, when using a timer between 2 different songs (so first it will play song1, the it will play song 2, then song 1 again etc) leaving the app (via home button) and returning will result in both songs "playing" correctly.

      Using the PlayMusic node in kismet has similar results. The difference is if you try to use kismet to call PlayMusic on the same song (while it is still playing) nothing will happen.

      If you use "mobile PlaySong <songname>" via unrealscript consecutively (while it is still playing), it will stop that song and play it again (like restarting the song)

      If there was just some way to detect when the user returns to the app, then I could simply play silence, then play the proper song for the level. That would at least be a partial appropriate solution. But I have no idea how to do that nor does anyone else here seems to know.


        I have found a solution. See here: