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    lighting issue

    Hello Everybody,

    i'm facing this issue with some of the building in my game. it appereas as if they aren't lit right, but this isn't occurring i the editor. Just in the previewer and on the device.

    here is a picture to detail better what my problem is.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	lighting_issues.jpg
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    i have set LightMapCoordinateIndex to 0 and still no difference.

    any ideas?

    Are you useing simple light maps


      i guess not. How do i set a light map to a build (3d model) inside my scene ?

      in the link provided by you i get
      You can bake normal mapped lighting into Lightmass-generated lightmaps by enabling the 'Use Normal Maps for Simple Lightmaps' option in your level's WorldInfo properties.
      but when i open world info , i an't find the option.


        The other notes section says
        Mobile devices use the SimpleLightmaps (no directional lighting information is baked in). Simple lightmaps have a fixed color scale of 2.0, which means that lightmaps cannot brighten the diffuse texture by more than 2 times.
        are simple light maps enabled on your map
        And what light is lighting the screen


          i'm not sure i fully understand.

          right now i'm using direction light , but the problem occurs for all kind of lights. i copied the light from Jazz example.


            1. Is that texture that is black enabled for mobile use? (meaning in the material did you go to the bottom and give the Mobile a texture)
            2. Are you using lightmass?