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ICloud Storage Working Basic Tutorial.

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    Got it working thanks to this tutorial !!!


      First of all, thank you IamDouglas for this tutorial. I even wouldn't ask how you could get this far with all this configs.

      By the way, I want to share some experiance during development. Basicaly I copied CloudPC code to my project with visual cosmetic changes not affecting functionality. And I've faced with some problems while trying to sync data from one device to another (from iPad 3 (6.1) to iPhone 4S (6.1.1)). iPhone was working in local storage mode probably. I don't know why. Same build on both devices. It was creating it own local files (and worked with them), even though data from iPad was displaying in Settings -> Storage & Backup on iPhone.
      Solution was to power off and restart iPhone. After that everything works fine. Maybe it will be usefull for someone else here.