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Stupid Question RE : Geometry Mode

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    Stupid Question RE : Geometry Mode

    I'm following a book which is introducing me to udk and ios development, but the author hasn't done a particularly good job with it, and has skipped many steps during the tutorials, so I'm finding it difficult in some stages to understand a lot of what is being said.

    I have created a room, and a few random boxes have been placed around it, by using the builder brush, csg add and then moving to a new spot and doing the same thing again, changing sizes, etc here and there.

    Now in the book, the author mentions going into Geometry mode, which is fine, but I cannot select any previously created geometry and access the verts / edges / faces like the author has, he simple states, go into Geo. mode, select the verts and move them left / right, etc. I switch to geo. mode, then all I can select on an object is a face ( but with no manipulator ), double clicking brings up properties, after stabbing in the dark, CTRL + ALT held down selects everything in the scene, but at least seems to give me access to verts, edges, faces, how do I do this on a single object I have selected, I have also noticed, if I go to 'Find Actors' and double click there the chosen object, then this will also default to 'geo. mode', but for single objects which is exactly what I want, but.... How do I do this directly in the viewport wthout having to select everything ( CTRL + ALT ) or use the 'Find Actors' method ?



    In the viewport change your view mode and select "Brush Wireframe". If you want work on "unlit" or "lit" mode, for select in edge or vertex of your BSP=> ctrl+shift+ clik in face of your choice of the BSP.
    Shortcuts for different views = ALT+1/2/3/4/5/etc...


      Thanks, that's a great help !