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nFringe and iOS development - Help please! :)

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    nFringe and iOS development - Help please! :)

    Hey everyone,

    I've tried to design an iPhone (or mobile) game using nFringe and Visual Studio for the past several days.

    Flatly the questions I've got boil down to: How do you set up a project properly with Nfringe, using visual studio, to develop for IOS? Is it possible?

    Note - If I should simply use a different editor to write for IOS, please tell me - if it's easier with something else, I'll drop this and do it.

    My questions revolve around the following:

    1. How is using the -Simmobile commandline switch different than using it for IOS? Is there any difference, or is it okay to use this switch when devving for IOS?

    2. What config files should I be editing? Virtually all instructions revolve around DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultGame.ini. However, when I edit MobileEngine and MobileGame.ini, the map at least changes to what I want, although my on-screen controls then never launch. Am I doing something wrong here? Or do I need to redesign the hud that launches with -simmobile, when I'm writing from scratch?

    3. It feels 'wrong' that in order to launch my code, I have to specify a map and game name to command line parameters in VS, and it appears that when I launch it this way, it actually loads my game. However, the -simmobile tag doesn't seem to work any longer, or at least it never loads the controls I'm used to seeing on the screen. Is this because my hud is actually loading, and it doesn't have any controls built into it, and I actually have to supply the mobile control sticks?

    Very much hoping someone can help me out with some guidance.