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Infinity Blade/fruit ninja visible Swipes??

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    Infinity Blade/fruit ninja visible Swipes??

    Does anyone know how the visual swipes are done in Infinity Blade/fruit ninja?, I k don't need a step by step just a rough idea how it could be done, I already know how to setup swipes but I need to draw the swipes onto the screen, is it a spawned particle system?? or decal?? or HUD effect??, Texture 2d that gets stretched??.

    Ive asked around and messaged some forum users who have used this in there games....but no response as yet.......

    It's not another IOS secret I hope!


    I implemented the same approach of Infinity Blade on my game.

    Its all done with a particle system that is spawned in front of the camera at the center of the swipe and using the swipe's rotation.

    For my game I wanted to look as slashes on the screen so I just track the center of the swipe, deproject that into the world and spawn the effect there.

    The particle system is setup to look like a slash (a thin and long particle with a fading circle).

    This is how it looks on my game iTapPirate

    For a more elaborated effect like in Fruit Ninja you can use a beam and use the points you get from the movement of your touches.


      Thanks Login that explains a lot, but wouldn't the particle system be the same size even if the swipe is small or large you just get the center and spawn it there?, I thought it stretched from touched to untouched, but makes more sense now, Thanks again.

      iTapPirate is great BTW I bought it from the app store the other day, probably one of the best udk created games out there!