Hi All,

The game I have been developing was reviewed recently (http://www.148apps.com/reviews/tikit...otball-review/). It's an ok review, but the main negative point that they had was the slow load time - particularly given its a pick up and play when you're bored type game.
We have also had a few complaints from customers who think the game has crashed before it starts - when actually, having tested the game on a large number of devices and ios versions, we believe that they are just not waiting long enough for the app to start. Its particularly long on the iphone.

Are others experiencing long startup times?
What have you done to bring the startup times down?
Is the July build noticeably quicker to load than the May build?

We haven't properly measured the load times yet - but we're looking at between 8 and 15 seconds for the first load, and then between 5 and 10 seconds for future loads. We're using scaleform for our menus so we have to set applicationdoesruninbackground=no in the plist as the game can freeze when returning from sleep mode - this means that every time they run the app its reloaded rather than resuming.