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iPhone 5 aspect ratio ?

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    iPhone 5 aspect ratio ?

    Hi everybody,
    I`m interested in your opinion about iPhone 5 and UDK applications.
    If the new iPhone will have different aspect ratio (see some of news),
    we could have problem with some elements in our older applications,
    specially if they used relative position /overlays of buttons, canvas etc.
    I`m afraid that we will have a lot of work on remakes
    Good luck

    Michal Barta
    3D Animator

    Well given that 5 rows correctly fits at the resolution of 640 X 1136.


    Also, I will look for other information. The other thing is, I don't know about other people, but I've been grearing up for a iPhone5 lunch. The point is, the Sep 7th is the deadline for any work that needs done in preparation for iPhone launch. Gives you just over two weeks for Apple review/fix your new app.