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Issues with player movement

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  • Issues with player movement

    So right now I'm trying to make a shmup, and the problem that I'm having is with the controls. I've gone through a few different setups but I always come out with a problem that I just can't fix.

    If I go the joystick route (ala. the Jazz Jack Rabbit tutorial) you don't get the feeling that your finger is really moving the ship, and although I could tweak the numbers a bit to make it feel better I get the problem that the character keeps moving even if you stop moving your finger. It will stop moving once you take your finger off, but I'd like it to stop when the player stops moving their finger.

    So after I hit a wall trying that I moved on to a more direct route using the Mobile Input Access, and just setting the actor location. This method seems to work perfectly except that it doesn't pick up where it left off, as in the pawn moves with your finger but once you pick up your finger and place it on a different location the pawn teleports there. I know I have to do something with getting the current actor location and get the difference between that and where the players finger is at, then some crazy vuhdo math to null that out and just continue on, I don't know. I've gone through all the different inputs and this one seem to be the one that would work best in my situation. I've also tried using Joystick, Trackball, and Button, but they all (strangely enough) seem to have no real difference. I've played around with it for hours but just can't come up with a solution.

    Being an artist I'm pretty much stuck using Kismet as I have no programming knowledge, and I'm aware that it will set me back but any help here would be greatly appreciated.