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The question of genre games

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  • The question of genre games

    I want to make friends with a little game in the style of, for example, "Allen Shuter," etc.,
    but I'm unfortunately not very well versed on what games are popular iOS (i know about Angry Birds
    but how do you think - will it be at least somehow seen or is it already out of date (I'm just a kid he loved to play it

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    All genre can be popular if the game is fun. The game play must escalate in not only difficulty but also fun for the player. A game that is the same all 20 levels will most likely become dull to players and not become popular. My personal opinion is people try to make a game as to what their personal opinion of what is cool " to them" and forget to shoot for a specific age group.

    Although I love action, blood and violence I have chosen to make a family friendly game for all ages. I suggest taking some time to analyse some hit games in the genre your going for.....

    1) look at the game play
    2) how it escalates in fun or difficulty
    3) why has the game become so popular
    4) what is the addicting factor of the game play? Most popular games have a addicting feature that entraps the player into playing the game. It could be as simple as a high score and unlocking 1,2,3 stars. So the player is compelled to get 3 stars on all levels. Let's use angry birds as a example,

    1) there have been many games just like angry birds way before it even existed. I remember playing a game you shot a penguin across a ice slab to break ice glaciers and many more games just like this.

    2) angry birds appeals to kids as a icon of coolness. Look at sponge bob, Mickey mouse, dragon ball z. These are all family oriented icons which tells you that making a cute, or cool character has the potential of going viral. The bloody zombie troll may sell some games to teenagers and adults but won't ever become a family icon on t-shirts or have their own candy brand.

    3) the sound fx are top notch and really enhanced the comedy in the game play.

    4) scoring system you always want to beat your last score

    5) addictiveness, topping your score, getting 3 stars per level, unlocking next level.

    I've never played the game your referring too so if I get a chance I'll look it up and see. Any errors in grammar is result to iPhone. Hope this helps.


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      I think my game will focus more on an adult audience, but i will try