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Trouble Making Animations for Mobile Placeable Pawn

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    Trouble Making Animations for Mobile Placeable Pawn


    can anyone explain how i should go about doing an extended set of animations for the mobile placeable pawn and successfully run them on the mobile device (besides the walk and idle ones).

    I have imported from 3ds max using actor X a set of animations, the walking animations, idle and a couple more action animations.

    I have created an animtree for the walking and idle animations and applied them to my mobile placeable pawn and they work correctly.

    How can i use the other imported animations from the animset to have my mobileplaceable pawn perform those animations on a mobile device.

    I also need to mention one thing, I have applied them for a skeletal mesh that i drag into the scene and work correctly with that skeletal mesh , but when it comes to playing the same animations for the mobilePlaceablePawn, i don't get the same result as with the skeletal mesh.


    I've been looking to solve this thing for a while... Help please.


      Tell me what your problem is exactly or what you need so i may help you !