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Full Auto Shooting Range made with 100% all natural Kismet Juice! on the App Store.

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    Full Auto Shooting Range made with 100% all natural Kismet Juice! on the App Store.

    Full Auto is a very small 'game' if you could even call it that. It's a basic iGun style app, with guns, targets, and things to blow up.
    The whole idea behind this was a We just wanna shoot stuff type of approach.

    The game was made with all Kismet, most of the particle effects were from the Jazz Mini game, with a few tweaks.

    (Click for big)

    iTunes link:

    Many Thanks to:

    Chris Newman
    James Tan
    Marko Permanto
    Shane Caudle

    Here's some promo codes



      Were my comments deleted?


        hmm, not that I know of, why?


          Were my comments deleted?
          This app has a ton of potential for an fps. Id say make it so it doesnt lag when you shoot alot, make animations for the guns, recoil, and when youre shooting make it so you can still aim while shooting.


            First of all, congrats. This is a very professional looking game. Can I needle you with questions?

            Did you do your opening studio movie in Scaleform? I love the rendered logo effect, that's just fabulous.

            Secondly, I hope this is constructive criticism, but I really feel like you need hands on screen to make this feel professional. And, while your textures look fine on my iPad 2, they are quite blurry on the New iPad.

            As far as the hands, I feel very sure you could make that with a very limited number of mesh influencing bones. Ours are cranked way up, close to 75! So, just hands and arms would be a piece of cake!

            I also don't like the font you've chosen for Weapons and Side View. It's hard to read at a glance. HUD info should be functional first. I think they'd do well with a little spacing.

            After I play it a bit more, I'll give you feedback today. Congrats!



              I also think you'd benefit greatly from making the level size smaller and more detailed. I've noticed a lot of people tend to make high, sprawling environments. Well, IB1 and IB2 had small, detailed environments - and I consider that the Bible of good UDK design.

              I also think your guns would benefit from some simple rigging, like seeing the bolt action. Ejecting shells are something we tried, and found the scripting too unpredictable. I think as the targets are destroyed, you need to have to have more animation there.

              Overall, I'm giving you lots of criticism, but this is very impressive work. How did you do your UI? Is it scaleform? Can you share more about the process of making it here? Also, I quite like the variety of guns. Did you model them yourself?



                Really impressive work, especially for something completely done with kismets.
                In the next few weeks I will be managing/creative director a group of 5 others to create a game in 6 months (3months of brainstorming and 3 of actual development)
                Looking into either creating a kinect driven time crisis style game mixed with bulletstorm score style thanks to scaleform or if scope is to big we will definitely create a game for iPad 2 and above similar to this style, but with minor joystick alterations to try and make fps games a lot easier for touch screens.

                Really good controls you've managed with kismets, have had a hard time in the past getting camera movement from simple finger movements.
                How long did this end up taking roughly?