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WIP - The Arena - Completed Prototype for Thesis Project for iOS!!

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    WIP - The Arena - Completed Prototype for Thesis Project for iOS!!

    Hey! I've just completed the prototype of my fully functional primary mechanics for an iOS Game I developed for my Thesis Project in University.

    A pitch document can be viewed HERE, as well as a video that can also be viewed below!

    Please feel free to leave your comments directly on my blog or here (but preferably on my blog :P) ! It's always great to hear feedback!

    I WILL be continuing this project, and if there's anyone who might be interested in working alongside me to get it complete, i'd love to have you on board!

    Please leave your feedback! Thanks!

    any feedback, even if on here would be awesome really. :P


      Looks pretty fun!

      Not to sound rude, but this demo is run on the PC isn't it? It would be handy to show the iOS version with you playing live, although capturing video would be quite challenging.

      A few other notes:

      1) XP bar doesn't move although the numbers do. (2:57), this is because you level up when you killed the monsters and since the bar is a ratio (before = 305/500, after = 650/1000, so they look the same).
      A good feedback would be to make the bar fill up to full, do a slight pause, and then show the new scale, with the bar filling up again. Doing the fill will be to write a incXP(int amount) function and make it loop over time increasing the XP by a certain amount like (+1). This makes the bar looks polish and also provides greater feedback to the user. If i haven't slowmo the video I wouldn't have noticed the XP bar increase really.

      2) Switching between menus is a little abrupt. Might wanna try a simple Fade() function to ease things a bit.

      I haven't other constructive comments so I'll stop here for now. Hope to hear more updates from you and your team. Good luck!


        thanks so much! this is really great feedback.

        Yeah this is filmed on the PC, i just wanted the best video quality possible without having a shaky camera, but you might be right, so i`ll be making a demo video filmed directly on the iPad to show as well, and i`ll add it here!

        The exp bar is something else i want to fix up, because i didn`t particularly like the functionality is has currently. I was thinking also, instead of writing the numbers themselves, that i could just write the player`s level in that position, as it goes up.

        I`ll Also see what i can do about the menus. Maybe include some audio feedback as well as the proposed ideas for visual improvement.