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[Serious Problem!] iOS Provisioning Setup

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    [Serious Problem!] iOS Provisioning Setup

    I have tried my best from last 24 hours to be able to put my application on the App Store. I can't believe I am so exhausted. Someone please help me!

    Okay, so .. this is how it began.

    I had installed both of my development as well as distribution provisioning profiles in the Unreal iOS Configuration Wizard. It looked as follows:

    As you can see in the image above, both of the provisioning profiles are present with valid certificates. Now, when I use the Unreal Frontend to cook -> package and deploy the game on my device, it works like a charm!

    But, when I try to upload the game .ipa generated file using the Application loader, I get the following error!!

    Now, I did the following steps:

    (1) 100 times Deleted, re-made, re-downloaded, re-installed the Certificates and provisioning profiles in UDK frontend Application Settings . It still gave the same error!!!

    "Application failed codesign verification..."

    (2) I am legitimate Apple Developer and my certificates and provisioning profiles are NOT expired (needless to say!)

    NOW!!... I re-installed UDK and ..

    Finally I visited UDK's official tutorial, ie.

    and here was the problem again, if I start from the beginning of this tutorial. They asked me to Create New Provisioning by Generating Certificate Request and Key Pair.

    This is what I am talking about:

    When I create this, the tutorial asks for submitting the created certificate here:

    The problem is, when I press continue nothing is happening! I mean NOTHING AT ALL! the page is not loading further!! I have tried the same thing in 3 different computers and 5 different browsers!!!

    Could someone please help me? I LOVE UDK! I just need someone to help me out here please! I am exhausted. Please!
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