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iGipf: The Fast Paced Game of Intellectual Combat

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    iGipf: The Fast Paced Game of Intellectual Combat

    Every once in a while a game comes along that captures the imagination of casual gamers everywhere. iGipf is an iOS variant of the exciting game Gipf, which is a combination of pure strategy and outrageous fun! If you have ever played Gipf, you’ll understand why iGipf will be the next big sensation for iOS users.

    Imagine a game that is as easy to learn as checkers, but as challenging to master as chess. That game would be Gipf. The premise is quite simple. Each player starts out with a set number of tokens. They take turns placing those tokens on the edge of a trig-gridded, hexagonal board. Pieces already on the board are pushed ahead as the new pieces enter from behind so that there is only ever one piece on each intersection.

    iGipf is lost by the player who runs out of pieces first, but there is a catch. When four or more pieces of a single color are aligned in a row, the player gets to remove those pieces from the board and recycle them. He also gets to remove any of his opponent’s pieces from the board if they are in the same line as his own pieces that he removes.
    In this way, players can "capture their opponents’ pieces and take them out of play.

    The rules are very straightforward, but the strategies are complex and almost infinite! Imagine how difficult it is to know what the board will look like more than one turn ahead. Game play is exceptionally dynamic and that’s what makes iGipf so fun. No two games will be exactly the same!

    With iGipf, you can play against a friend in multiplayer mode or you can play against the machine to practice and improve your skills. You will understand the game within 30 seconds of starting, but it will take you months or even years to become a master. The beauty of iGipf is that you can entertain yourself on the go on your iOS device, knowing all along that you are challenging and expanding your mental prowess.

    Check it out on the AppStore:

    iGipf - a remake of Gipf for iOS - YouTube

    If it was made with UDK it might heve been something interesting to look at, but I'm afraid you're completely at the wrong forum here.