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Ipad/Iphone ScaleFactor + Dynamic Lighting

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    Ipad/Iphone ScaleFactor + Dynamic Lighting

    Hey guys,
    Quick question, is it possible to have Front End build the game with the scaling variables for buttons automatically rather than editing each button in a game to scale to the proper size for particular devices?
    I have looked at BaseEngine.ini and the ScaleFactor values are different under each 'mobile setting'. (iphone4 is scalefactor of 2, ipad is about 0.992, or somewhere round there)

    If i sync to an ipad it still uses the Scale variable i have within the eidtor (2), so any way to have it auto scale for ipads?

    Another question is with dynamic lighting. I was under the impression from other posts and sites that Ipad2 could support dynamic lights?
    I need some lights to turn on to create a quick 'fog of war' effect. But the map is fully lit when it is loaded...

    Any help would be great!

    seems that as my character floats through the map you can see the lights turning on and effecting the player as if its absorbing the light O.o (Plyer keeps getting brighter and brighter as more lights turn on... eventually going white)

    World is still lit from the get go, and not chagning as lights are triggered..

    Lights can't be animated like that in iOS.

    Are you using Scaleform for your UI?


      ****, coulda sworn i read somewhere that Ipad2 had Dynamic light support.

      The UI is done through Kismet. Just placing input node (Button). I can select all the buttons and change their scale value to fit properly on the Ipad, but was just wondering if it was possibl to have it auto scale since the BaseEngine.ini has values for each different device