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How to create an interactive presentation of 3D model on Ipad???

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    How to create an interactive presentation of 3D model on Ipad???

    Hi Forum!!!

    I m trying to find out how complex it would be to create an interactive presentation of 3D model on Ipad.


    I want to bring a model from Max to UDK, thats easy.... and then create an application to use on my Ipad to be able to showcase it to friends, tho I dont want to have to use my 2 thumbs to have my camera flying around.
    I want to move my finger on the screen and have the model rotating, and if using 2 fingers being able to zoom in and out.
    That would be the first step then I want to be able to add a couple buttons here and there (but thats not my concern just yet)

    So my question is how complex is that to create?? And is their good tuts around to help me start scripting this, unless their s already a script doing it, and so how do I set it up.

    Any links or suggestions or help would be appriciated.

    Thanks guys!!!

    PS: If needed I can provide videos of what I need.

    Ok I ve advanced a little bit today : )
    So lets forget about trying to get the fingers to zoom in ou out and create complex scripting for all this, what I m planning to do is create a target camera that is linked to an object (main object I want to present), so by using the right thumb I should be able to rotate around that object and the left thumb will zoom in and out.
    Now I m struggling a bit with the kismet, to get it to work as I m using the third person camera technic to make it work so far, but I dont want a player in this I just want my camera and my object ( Iwant the cam to rotate around it in all directions)
    And so I want my camera to be linked to that object when game start, without having a character in it.
    I would really appriciate some help to get this to work.


      Depending on how many Models you have, you could setup a camera to each model and use the "Set camera target" Kismet to transition between the models.
      As for the rotation A way i could see this working is if you touched the object it would play a Matinee of the camera going around the model.

      Or you could use a mobile input kismet (slider) to zoom in out, and an analog stick on the right to rotate camera.
      U would just need to setup some math nodes to convert the slider and analog variables to Vector Components


        Check this:

        It can be further expanded (with math) to create pinch to zoom