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SWF Flash GFx problem

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    SWF Flash GFx problem

    Hey all, iv spent all day trying to find out the solution to this.

    I have a flash file, that I export as SWF for use in UDK, link it up via the open GFx kismet option and star the level.
    However when it gets to the point where the GFx menu is supposed to load, the screen just goes black. doesn't do anything.

    I tried with a previous flash file I had, and that worked, so I just replaced the images in the old flash file with the new ones, (All PNG format)
    Try again, and it still goes black,

    Does anyone know if there is a specific PNG format, or file type, or certain way to publish from Flash to get this to work? Ive spent all day on this testing, and searching for a solution, yet nothing.