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Cloud Storage problems: crash and wrong interface?

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  • Cloud Storage problems: crash and wrong interface?

    Hi all,

    Did someone here manage to get cloud storage working at all?
    I've been trying to get iCloud to work in our app, but to no avail. Something seems wrong with the implementation.

    I'm using a fresh UDK 12-2011 install. I make a default map with the GameType set to CloudGame, which is supposed to demo the iOS platform interface stuff. When I run that map and then reload it (either via "restartlevel" or "open MapName") the game crashes! Happens on the iPhone, iPad and PC running with -simmobile. The log is all "Critical error", "Fatal error!" but no useful info...
    It's an example gametype on a default map, something tells me it shouldn't work like that...

    So that's one problem, the other is the actual objects I get when grabbing the platform interfaces (the first time):

    In CloudPC.uc PostBeginPlay() we find the following:
    Cloud = class'PlatformInterfaceBase'.static.GetCloudStorageInterface();
    MicroTrans = class'PlatformInterfaceBase'.static.GetMicroTransactionInterface();
    Now if I print to log the Cloud and MicroTrans objects on PC (w/ -simmobile) I get:
    CloudStorageBase_0 and MicroTransactionBase_0
    Which is expected cause the PC doesn't load the platform-specific implementations.

    But running the same thing on the iPhone/iPad produces:
    CloudStorageBase_0 and MicroTransactionIPhone_0
    So I get the correct platform-specific interface for microtransactions, but still the default one for cloud storage! Early tests seem to confirm that data sent through that CloudStorageBase_0 gets stored to a file on the iPhone instead of the iCloud. Why is this happening? Shouldn't I be getting a CloudStorageIPhone object instead?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Really? Nobody here used cloud storage yet?
    Then how do you keep player's data safe between reinstalls or across different devices? E.g. when you have ingame currency that can be bought with microtransactions, I don't want the player to lose it when he uninstalls the app or moves from iPhone to iPad etc.

    Anyway, I experimented with newer UDK releases. Here are the results:

    UDK 01-2012:
    -same behavior as 12-2011

    UDK 02-2012:
    -doesn't crash when reloading the CloudGame level anymore (in simmobile and on iOS devices)
    -does crash when the level is run in editor (PIE) and then closed
    -still returns the CloudStorageBase interface on an iOS device

    UDK 03-2012:
    -same behavior as 02-2012

    Comments? Suggestions? Testimonials?