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    Modify Property Kismet

    i was wondering if i can use the kismet node modify property within the game, it runs fine on mobile previewer aswell as devices.
    im just questioning whether or not it will work when it comes to packaging. alot of the key aspects of the game turn radial force actors on/off
    and so may need to find another route to toggling.

    the concern is when the map check build comes up with this:

    " .....PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.SeqAct_ModifyPr operty_17 : 'Modify Property' is for prototyping only and should be removed"


    If it runs fine, then I say use it.


      Its a suggestion that you should script a way to do it "properly", I'm fairly sure it will still work even when packaged

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        @woodesh, I used the October'11 build to create my app, Last Man Standing. I used that node a lot, and I get that warning all the time too. It works, and it's on the app store now. I do worry that it'll get phased out in later builds( since they keep warning me ), which isn't a problem if I stick to the October build for my updates. However, if Apple makes a change which forces everyone to upgrade their editor, then I'd be screwed. This happened before in May'11, if I recall correctly.


          @woodesh I used it as well for our game and it works just like Jaggedge said, without problems in the distro version .


            guys, its more for prototyping, you should be using proper nodes like

            "Change My Weapon"

            myclass.Weapon = XXX

            instead of


            one of the reasons is for maintainability's sake (and sanity), imagine you have 1000 of that kismet nodes modifying 300 properties, and you need to find and change the "one that changes the weapon", how are you going to find them all? Search through 1000 kismet nodes of "modify property"?

            For early prototyping and small scale production its fine though. just my 2c.