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Converting CER and Key into p12 file

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  • Converting CER and Key into p12 file

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has tried using openssl to combine their CER file with the DeveloperKeyPair.key file generated by UDK into a p12 file? I've tried to do so but I keep getting a "Unable to load private key" error. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the key that UDK generated, since it didn't use p12 to begin with.

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    This might be completely unrelated but using the .key file that UDK provided me simply didn't work for me in the Dec/Jan builds. Using that file the Apple Certificate request thingy would give me a certficate without a personal key, which could not be exported to .p12. I had to request a certificate using the file generated by the MacOSX keychain, after that everything worked fine.


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      I used OpenSSL to generate a .p12 file for flash and it worked fine


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        @benfranke, oh not unrelated at all, thanks for sharing that with me, that's one of my options at the moment: to revoke my current certificate and start everything from scratch using a mac.

        @MirageBlader, that's great! Really heartening to hear that, did you generate your CSR and Key using UDK as well?


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          Yeah sure, I don't know an other way cuz I have only windows. Is there other options too?


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            Wow, well I got to try it again someday then. I started with Windows only too, I was hoping to avoid having to include mac in my workflow until I needed to upload my app to the app store.

            Yes, the other option is to create all the files on a Mac first, the CSR, the key, the p12( after receiving the cer ), the mobileprovisions, THEN bringing the whole bunch over to Windows and start working.

            Which is what I've done, and it worked, thankfully but I will try the Unreal workflow again, thanks guys.


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              I was facing the same problem and here is what I did to create a p12 file from UDK:

              1) Start Binaries\IPhone\iPhonePackager.exe
              2) Choose "Advanced Tools" tab and click on "Provisions and certificate tools" button
              3) In the new window on "Provisions and certs" tab under "Installed Provisions" select your game name, and right-click, choose "Export certificate".

              It creates a p12 file for you that can imported and be used on your Mac.