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Texture Blending (Using Mobile Mask Texture)

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  • Texture Blending (Using Mobile Mask Texture)


    Since Epic Games introduced Texture Paint Tool it's now easy to paint masks for objects in UDK editor and use them to blend different layers in material.
    This feature is a great replace for vertex color approach (with it's own cons and pros), but while I tried to apply it on Mobile a problem raised.

    I can't find a right way configure mobile material to use Mobile Mask Texture due to blend Mobile Base Texture and Mobile Detail Texture (instead of vertex color blend mode).

    This is my material setup:

    Result of this material on devices - is solid Mobile Detail Texture on whole object.

    UDK Build I've tested on is January (2012); Also materials above were tested on mobile devices: iPad 1 an iPhone 4.

    Please, help me to get right blending result, or if this an issue of current build (and a lot of previous builds as I know), please take care of it, because mask blending now is really necessary on mobile. And again, please update documentation about mobile materials on the site. It's totally out of sync.

    Roman Kalinin

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    Seems like no one faced with this problem?


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      hmm if I understood it correctly this is now working in the February UDK?


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        I think the update in feb was just to allow a mask for uniform color multiply. Creo did you have your mask in the Alpha channel of the mask texture? According to the mouse-over that's where it needs to be, though I haven't tried it either, only vertex color.


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          I've tried it with Feb 2012. Result is still the same and that's stuck.

          More over Texture Paint Tool is useless (on mobile) while this feature doesn't works right..

          I don't know why Epic can't solve this problem for so long. At least they could reply here and give a comment about an issue. My team developing cross platform project for PC and Mobile. It's hard to develope for both platforms, especially when documented features are not working properly!


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            The issue here is not just related to the solid color. I've also found out that the MTCS-TexCoords cannot be changed. Sure you can go ahead and switch from zero to one two or three but the final uv layout will still be zero.
            In my case I wanted to apply pre-baked AO to my architectures.
            Now, the textures on each architecture are tiled therefore overlapped on uv-set 0
            While the baked ao is generated with automatic-flattening from 3dsmax therefore creating a new uv-set 1
            I have no trouble blending the two channels on a normal shader network, but I can't make it work on mobile due to the current bugs and this is the July 2013 release.
            I don't believe there's another way out, any suggestions here?


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              In Feb 2013 it all works fine by me. But still you can't blend in DetailTexture3, because it shares the same texture sampler with Mask Texture. I've wrote about this in later thread. By the way, UVs should work fine, too.