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Pause and mysterious blue "PAUSED" text

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    Pause and mysterious blue "PAUSED" text

    Hey All,

    I am trying to get a pause menu working by calling ConsoleCommand("Pause"); from a MobileMenuScene. It works, except clicking anywhere on the screen that isn't blocked by my MobileMenuScene unpauses the game. Then everything gets out of sync since pause toggles.

    Also, I've noticed that when running on the actual iOS device, blue "PAUSED" text appears and I have no idea where that is coming from or how to get rid of it.

    Anyone know how to stop the game from unpausing whenever you click on the screen anywhere, and/or how to change or remove the blue "PAUSED" text?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

    This is done within the GameViewportClient. The PAUSED text itself is localized, so check the localization files to remove it.


      Thanks for the reply. I now see how to get rid of the blue text. But I still am unsure how to change the behavior of the game unpausing anytime the user clicks/taps anywhere on the screen. If this is handled in GameViewportClient as well, I am having trouble figuring it out.

      I appreciate any further help on the matter!


        Lazy way to get round this would be to make the mobileMenuScene background cover the whole screen .... I'm frequenty lazy



          would be also interesting to know how to do it when you make your pause menu just with kismet. Because you always need to do unpause on touch or the buttons wouldnt get triggered.


            Thanks for the help. I just made the scene cover the whole screen as rob suggested, and avoided the issue successfully.