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Save inside IOS?

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    Save inside IOS?

    Hi again =D
    Trust me, i have looked everywhere for this answer, even tried the "sapitu" stuff with no success, i have found however the following:

    1)you can use "SaveConfig" so all the configs are saved into a .ini (it happens when i test it on my computer)
    2)it loads it when i open the "pc previewer" again

    So as far as i have tested it: the way im trying to save and load (using the "saveconfig" method) does work on pc
    However as soon as i upload it to my ipad, it does not work.

    Almost all current UDK games on ios has saves, however i cant make it work, any steps i am missing?

    PD: as a similar question: using the "saveconfig" it saves the object into a .ini file that i cant "control", is there any way to say which .ini i want it to save?

    I will add some aditional info:

    PD: i already solved the "where .ini save" and uses the "config("where to save")" Syntaxis

    However i notice is imposible for me to change a .ini once is on the ipad... so exacly.. where can i save?


      Have you tried this Data ?

      Works for me.


        Hi, I am using the methods showed in this tutorial it works on all iOS devices


          Thanks =D, i will take a look at it, mgrigorov

          BTW, Archerx: i cant use the kismet method, even when is easy and everything, it only allows me to save int,float,vector adn bool, i need to save more variables than those (specificaly: strings and classes that i created)
          Thanks anyway =D

          Once i tried and confirmed it i will change the topics name to [solved]


            ****, I didn't realise it didn't save strings, I hope they improve the save functions of the UDK because I noticed it gives people quite a few issues. Let us know if you are successful.


              that's a cool tutorial mgrigorov. Thnx alot!


                True, with that tutorial you can save in ios, even when it requires unrealscript knowledge

                How can i post that this thread is SOLVED?