Hey, in my game I use the default joysticks, I have them customized to own textures and unique Uvs for each joystick!
I ported my game to August and I changed bCenterOnEvent=false in SimplePC.uc !
This turns off fade out for repositioning of joysticks with touch event!
I set position in the ini file, When I run the game joysticks are positioned as wanted, and fade out effect is gone,
but when I touch the joysticks it still moves them back to default position?!
In October UDK changing bCenterOnEvent=false in SimplePC.uc solves the problem, but in August it doesn't entirely!
Where can I turn this off? Thanks!
edit: I also noticed the ini files give different results than May and October, which both give same results,
for example Y=0.3 would position the look zone about on center of height of the screen in may and october,
while in august it only puts it a little above its default position...
edit2: I ported to september UDK, no problems with joysticks here but theres that problem with the displacing picking to the right on ipad2 :
... I'm back to august and fixing the joysticks and waiting for maybe november release that hopefully wont have these bugs