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    Tryed it, plays well. Just that the performance isnt so good is pretty obvious on 4th gen. Especially when there are several skeletal meshes on screen and the trees take also a lot, when the alphas overlap it slows down quite a lot. Might have been better to make them stylized like in the jazz example game without alpha. Might be also a good idea to get rid of all the particles when its running on a 4th gen device, maybe also the alpha foliage that is scattered around on the ground. The TNT "turret" doesnt seem to do anything for me and like i already said the simple disapearing of enemys looks strange.


      Thanks =D yeh it needs a lot of optimization, something I will be going back through and fixing later on. The turrets suck plain and simple I was so close to flat out scrapping them, but I have re-kismet coded it in my head and in my head it works so I need to implement that. I will work on an update once I have finished the tutorials. Speaking of tutorials so far I have recorded these ones

      Attack The Horde Tutorial Videos

      Introductory Video

      Chapter 1 - The Package
      Done - Exporting and Setup (Meshes, textures for environment)
      - Character Rigging and export < - - - Character Artist Working on it
      Done - Weapon Rigging and export
      Done - Import meshes, textures and making the materials

      Chapter 2 - The Level
      Done - Creating the level
      Done - Creating the collision

      Chapter 3 - The Player
      Done - Character setup
      Done - Gun Setup
      Done - Character Essentials (Archetypes, Anim Set and Anim Trees)

      Chapter 4 - UI
      Done - Move Shoot
      Done - Camera Change
      - Kill Count and Health

      Chapter 5 - the enemy
      Done - Pylon mesh (Navigation)
      Done - Spawn points
      Done - Enemies

      Chapter 6 - Gameplay
      - Stealing lives
      - Game over

      Chapter 8 - Level menu
      - Making the menu
      - Quit to menu from level

      Chapter 9 – Publishing
      - Building to device
      Done - Custom intro and Loading
      Done - Custom Icon
      - Publishing

      As well as these there are a few things that I dont know and couldnt figure out. The main one is the custom font that jazz used, If anyone has an idea of how this was done then a point in the right direction would be very much appreciated oh and Playing death animations.


        For a custom font you just have to create one with rightclick, but you have to make it in the engine fonts otherwise it will not compile when making a build with frontend. In the created font asset you can import a usual font file. I dont know how death animations can be played with that jazz enemys thingy but you can always play animations with matinee in kismet.


          hmmm yeh that bit is fine I got that, but my problem is there is a big difference with Jazz's font and the normal one you can import in. With the jazz font they have a colour gradient and black outline which you can't put into a font file, It also only loads the numbers 0-9. Finding a font online and bringing it in is easy but the jazz font feels more like they are working from a texture which they have assigned as a font.


            @AzzaMat, You're in luck, UDN has a short tutorial on how they created that custom effect so you don't have to settle for boring flat fonts


            Skip to the bottom.

            A summary of it is:
            You import your font as per normal
            They get converted into texture pages
            Double-click on the font asset in your package to open the font editor
            Select the texture page and export it ( it gets placed in a folder of your choosing, remember this location )
            What you'll get is a white RGB texture with an alpha mask which shows you the outline of your characters
            Colour in your characters using the alpha mask as your reference ( Save, overwrite, don't rename the textures )
            When you're done, head back to the font editor and select Update ( point it to the folder where you exported the textures )


              Oh Jaggedge you ROCK. That is the one thing I was totally stumped on with the jazz level. I'l work the custom font into the tutorial. Thanks Davision as well you guys are all EPIC. eh, eh you see what I did there =P


                Well as promised the tutorial series for attack the horde is here.

                Part 1.1 - Mesh and Texture export.

                This one is really simple and is more for beginners.

                Also i'm sorry about the sound. I don't have a proper microphone and had to use my laptop


                  1.2 - Import and Package Setup


                    2.1 - Character Rigging, Animation and Export


                      2.2 - Weapon Rigging and export